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INVITOS invite you to invent with us. We will help to make you realize your idea. Most ideas do not make into the world, share what you been dreaming about and let’s make it all possible.whether the idea is just a paper design, prototype, working product, you can submit it.

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INVITOS community will serve as a mentor for converting idea into reality. Get linked up with Industry experts and Inventors from all fields.You will choose whom to connect. Share, Discuss, Refine, Build & grow with us. And you can also make other realize their dream ideas.

How We help

After refining your idea by Invitos community, you can go ahead to Invent it by yourself or you can share your idea with us to invent it. If our experts approve it, we will give life to your product whether producing it with oneself or pitching your invention with industry leaders.

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Join INVITOS, the inventive community platform and let’s together make this a beautiful world to live in.

About us

Inventor Thinker Dreamer Innovator

We at invitos Invent, Design & Develop new innovative products, Through our latest CAD/CAM/CAE softwares. We are also fitted with latest 3d printers, CNC and Plastic molding machines. Invitos landed because what pain we have gone through to develop a product, should not be borne by our fellow inventors. So think out of the box, whatever the idea is, whatever the product is, if it pitches us, we will give it life.

  • What we do?
  • -Make invention accessible
  • -Solving problem of millions
  • -Platform for inventors to showcase their products

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Don’t let your mind’s superb ideas going waste or forgot! A study proved, that more than 99% of ideas that comes in mind are never experimented nor discussed. If those 99% ideas could got the limelight, the world we live in today would not been the same. It would have been more comfortable and accessible.

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